Tuesday, July 1, 2014


There was a time when you need someone most,
But, the person seems don’t understand,
It just like make a fool of you tries hard to makes that person understand,

It’s not like I am too dependable of that person,
But, just want that person near by me in that time,
Just to ensure I’m not alone,

It’s hard to make someone understand,
Maybe I’m not that important,
Maybe I’m just a pass by who come to cheer you up when you lonely,

Some people ask me; do you never feel shame always asking someone to accompany you?
Always rejected and keep asking,
I’m just smiling and go away,
Hope for the give up word to coming out.

Kadang-kadang rasa bodoh pun ada,
Kadang-kadang rasa bosan dengan diri sendiri yang tak pernah bosan,
Gua faham, tapi gua tak boleh nak lari dari perasaan ni,
Mungkin ini semua salah gua.

1 comment:

Rye Skema said...

I feel you bro :((